The focus is on companies operating in the High-Tech, Smart Products, Nano and micro system technology, medical technology, internet of things and Robotics sectors. The enterprise must be established in the Netherlands and must have been commercially active for no more than seven years. The fund management and the experts from its network actively supervise the companies in their further growth and development.

The markets that the TechNano Fund focuses on are becoming more adult and are an extremely lucrative investment. Experts expect exponential growth for nano and sensor technology as well as the internet of things. It is expected that by 2020-50, a billion devices will be linked to the internet. That is more than four times as many as at present. The number of sensors in use will increase by more than two and a half times in the period 2014-2018 (Source: Cisco).

The TechNano Fund participates in the SEED regulation of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The TechNano Fund provides venture capital of a minimum of €100,000 and a maximum of €1.5 million. Financing demands that are larger than €500,000 are for the most part usually provided by an investor or another party, who comes from the Value Creation Capital network. Venture capital is provided in the form of “equity” and/or as a subordinated loan. More about Value Creation Capital

The TechNano Fund aims to sell its interest in the enterprise after 4 to 6 years. Prior to the investment, agreement must be reached with the management of the enterprise about the (exit) strategy to be followed. An exit is preferably realised by selling to a strategic party.